Monday, May 2, 2011

A Good Day...A Bad Day...

So on day 10, I did my FMQing on two log cabin blocks to be made into potholders. I thought they turned out alright...the back got a tad bunchy.

I like the loops. It was kind of obvious today, day 11, I tried to do some different patterns on some small scraps... loops seemed to just keep coming out of my machine :) !

Then I briefly looked at a couple of magazines to get some pattern ideas. So I tried these... on the pink scrap, I started on the left and worked to the right...and got worse as I went.
Everyone else is doing such beautiful work...I definitely feel like the amateur that I am with today's practice pieces! I just couldn't get what I wanted.

Happy Quilting!


Joanne said...

You are doing great! I notice that your curves are getting smoother - that is a huge step.
Little pieces are much harder to quilt on, because you have no space to hold the piece properly.
Good for you - keep it up!

Mary Ann & Mother said...

Amanda, I'm brand new at this, bought a sketch book and have been sketching before drawing on the pattern, then FMQing over the marks. Between that and slowing down considerably, my work has been progressing nicely. I've also been watching FMQers on youtube and reading Harriet Hargrave's book on Heirloom Machine Quilting before bed. I'm using 14x14 squares now because I agree that working with something you can 'hold onto' is easier!

Raewyn said...

hey Amanda I think you are doing great; and you are not the only one out there feeling like a beginner!! My efforts pale compared to many but I am learning heaps by reading all the comments,doing a bit of 'research' and then just practising. I'm sure Rome wasn't built in a day and we will get there!! Keep up the good work.

Joan said...

Amanda - I can see your improvment... keep it up!