Monday, May 2, 2011

Raewyn - Day 5 and 6

A quick post to show I am still doodling and scribbling. I feel confident now to do some stippling on a scrap quilt flimsy I have but need to find the time to sandwich and pin it first!
 Still a bit jerky bit on the whole heaps of improvement.
Day Five - orange thread
Day Six - Jade thread
Using different coloured threads for each day as I am running out of quilt sandwiches!! I've learnt that I have to think ahead a bit more as I sew as I notice that its when I get close to the edge, forget to move my hands, etc, that I start getting jerky :-)
Have fun everyone - I know I'm enjoying this all!!


matate10 said...

Having fun is the name of the game! Your stitches look great. There is so much to remember just keep on FMQ it keeps getting easier.

Mary Ann

Joanne said...

Looking great! I am so glad you are noticing improvements and having fun - that's what it's all about.

JayTee said...

I like the different colors...makes me think southwestern! Nice work.