Friday, May 6, 2011

My Last Three Days...

How quickly time moves along!
This was a practice piece for my FMQing Challenge. I did this on my day 12 (Tuesday). I had watched a FMQ video earlier on Tuesday, so as I was practicing, I think I had a better idea of what I was suppose to be doing!

On Wednesday and Thursday, my day 13 and 14, I was quilting a mother's day gift...So I'll show just part of it! (I'll post a full view on Monday.)
I also did a small practice piece, but the pictures would not turn the stitching didn't show up. (Sorry there's no picture.)

So, I've finished the FMQing Challenge...and have improved!

However, I may continue to challenge myself for the last week of the challenge as well because now I have a new tool... an extention table for my sewing machine! To see what my loving husband made, visit my blog!

I've Completed the Challenge!

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Mary Ann & Mother said...

Congratulations on a job well done!