Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Joanne's Day 12 and 13

I finished up my sampler piece.

Day 12 I did some more echoing and "headbands".

Day 13 more echoing, string of pearls and "bouncing bananas".

It is all finished and I added the binding.
It has wool batting and I used all Aurifil #50 thread with a #80 Microtex needle. It is 12" x 21".
I go into more details of the quilting on my blog.

Just one day left of FMQ for me! I hope to finish of the feathers on the table runner tomorrow.



Mary L. said...


Sue Daurio said...

absolutely stunning!! This is truly amazing.

Joan said...

Absolutely beautiful Joanne - in fact quite stunning!! :) :)

Mary Ann & Mother said...

Thank you for sharing - both your pillows and bird sampler are stunning! I would like to know about how you planned the BBs, headbands, etc. around the center design. Did you sketch on paper first?

corina said...

Stunning! Like Mary Ann, I was wondering how you plan your quilting too. Everything works together so well.

Colleen said...

This is so beautiful! Joanne, you are a constant inspiration for me!!!

Joanne said...

Thanks for all the kind comments.
I roughly drew out the bird and the veins for the feathers and the rest just evolved. The shiko is marked on a 1/2" grid.

Linda said...

A work of art!