Friday, May 13, 2011

Corina Day 14

Blogger is sure having issues! I don't know where my previous post went and couldn't post yesterday. It looks like everyone is having the same issue.

The last day of the challenge. I wish I would have finished off with a bang, but I am in the middle of doing a very simple topper that I was given as a practice. I had an old stencil from years ago so I thought it was about time to use it! At the beginning of this challenge I found my stitch length was all over the place when I would be concentrating on following marked lines. That has improved alot (no more nano stitches!).  Once I finish quilting the border I will make the move to quilting something a little more challenging. I've always wanted to make a wholecloth runner full of feathers for my dining room table. Thanks to this challenge, I am no longer scared to do it!

This has been a great learning experience. My confidence level has increased (thank you all for your encouragement) and my stitching improved.  I want to thank Joanne and Wendy for hosting this challenge.  Maybe in a few months we can all reconnect and see what we've accomplished since this challenge, a FMQ Reunion!

CORINA DAYS 11-13 (Reposting since Blogger seems to have lost my previous post!)
Love using the washout marker
It's getting easier to follow the lines. Going great until.......
Oh Pickles!
  Note to self: When something doesn't feel right, FIND OUT WHY! Me and the frog will be spending some quality time together.

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Joan said...

Its good to konw I am not the only one - I would hate to admit to how many times I have done and my frog are pals too. Your quilting though is beautiful!!