Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day #12

I had big plans for FMQ this evening. But it didnt turn out that way. I was quilting along on my wallhanging and for some reason the needle snapped. It was the last one I had (Microtex #70). I tried a few other sizes with the Invisifil I was using but the thread kept breaking. So off I went to Fabricville..no microtex needles. aarrgh..So I couldnt continue tonight but I hope to get some needles tomorrow at another fabric store.  I did get a bit done but not much.  So I did some handquilting!! 


Cheryl M. said...

Nice job on the FMQ, don't you hate it when you get a rhythm going and things start messing up. You might want to try a machine embroidery needle #75, if you can't find the ones you want, it works much like the microtex needle.

Joan said...

Thats looking lovely!

corina said...

Very nice!