Friday, May 6, 2011

Sue - Day 10 and 11

Another snowman block done in the quilt (how does blogger decide which way the picture will go?.) I know I can get this one done before the challenge ends, I just know it.    But every time I start working on the cute little snowmen blocks, my mind wanders to feathers.

This is the first time that I've done a multiple vein  feather.  Next time I'm going to try more than two and see how it works.  I also tried a double echo around the feather for the first time.  I just love those loopy fills that I've seen, so I gave those a try too.   Oh wait, next time I'm going to finish the snowman quilt!!  (I need to keep reminding myself)


Mary Ann & Mother said...

I love the bouncing bananas treatment you applied around your feathers! The snowman quilt is very nice, too!

Linda said...

Love your feather! And your background filler is great.