Thursday, May 5, 2011

FMC Challenge Day 14 Thursday

We have had a tiring day to Perth and back - a long drive!
It was a real push to get some sewing done...however.....

I have been working on my feather on the black - but was trying to work out fillers...
The photos didnt work well...I will take more tomorrow and post them

So far I have added a deep purple and then a burgundy.

Here I have been playing with other silk threads and different colours The silver one is actually a steel gray, then there is a goldy-brown and the Burgundy.
This is the back of my feather one, showing how I am going. 
 I have used a dark thread for the fillers... I was having trouble seeing small spots of cream thread showing at intervals using the darker silk threads.

I will try some more colours out tomorrow ..I am too tired for more tonight.

This is my Day 14 - the last day for the Challenge, for me.  I made it!!

Again I have loved this time and so special to see how everyone is imrpoving.

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Mary Ann & Mother said...

Just amazing and your dedication is as well! Thank you for your fine examples.