Sunday, May 1, 2011

FMQ Challenge Day 10 Sunday

Same ole same ole - but a bit more done today

Nearly there now...just some more of the border, the centre circles and the echo quilting to go.

I may have a problem on Day 14 as I am off to Perth again for Doctors appointment for my DH.
Because of this I may be late backhome and too tired to stitch.
Around 400kms is a lot of driving.
We shall see .

School is back tomorow so I should get some more done! 
I so want to start on something different.

Everyones quilting is really coming on - I apologise for not physically commenting on each one individually, but I am watching all and cheering :)


What Comes Next? said...

I just so love your border feathers - each and everyone is so perfect. This is a wonderful project.

JayTee said...

I love your project.It looks perfect