Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FMQ 13 Mary Ann/ND

Thirteen isn't exactly my lucky number today!
I like how "Mountain Mist Gold" went through the machine - there was a little 'pull' to it, but it was fluffy and light, too.

Switched up the tension to 4 (up from 2 yesterday) 'cause today's there's high humidity, but I still wasn't happy with the back threads - and it being so late in the evening, even after snapping twenty some pictures, this is the best one I could get:

Threads aren't going 'in' all the way, just 'riding' above the fabric on the back there.

Since this is my fourth time, I didn't feel it was completely necessary to mark the entire design with blue wash away marker, so allowed myself some freedom this time.

I know I can do better!
I really need to play with fabric and batting to set my tension before tomorrow's final Day 14 of the FMQ Challenge.

Link to my give-away and guest blogger:


In the meantime,

I did it! I ordered two instructional DVDs from
Machine Quilting for Beginners
Twirly Whirly Feathers
I can't wait to receive them and get started with short-arm quilting when my New Generation quilt frame arrives!

The FMQ Challenge has been a perfect way to begin and I want to keep challenging myself.

Here are two more gals who've made FMQ instructional DVD's. I've also found some that offer free youtube videos on FMQ, too...

Nicole Webb DVD's are available on her site at She also has e-books. There are some preview videos on the website, and she has quite a few videos on youtube. Here's a link to one of them: At the top there's a section that says 11 videos. If you click on the arrows next to that, it will list all her videos. That will give you a good sample of her DVD's.
Patsy Thompson's website is You can order her videos, and if you click on "education" at the top, it will show you free preview videos and you
can download free instructional sheets.

The Golden Threads website is FULL of WONDERFUL ideas for all quilters - hand, machine, short-mid-long armers, etc. WOW!!!

Here's beautiful examples of what great quilting can look like:

This video directs you through the 'thought process' of FMQ designs:

and here's one on how to free form roses on your quilt:

I would like to thank fellow FMQ Challenger "The Cozy Quilter" from for her advice yesterday about tension control with using a very thin nylon top thread like I've been using. A tension of 2 should be tightened, so I have changed it to 4 for today. I will play with tension again tomorrow - perhaps 5 or six would be better?

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