Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FMC Challenge Day 12

Something different for Day 12

Not sure what to do with it next 
Off to have a realx and then bed.
May do something different again tomorrow.

Aurifil varigated thread on top  and Aurofil in the bobbin
Cotton wadding.  Both fabrics were starched before I pinned all the layers together.
I think I am using a 70 Microtex needle ... not sure unless I go to the sutdio...and the lights are now out :) Tension on my machine is 2.00


Sue Daurio said...

oh wow!! I love this. I think I'll try adding the veins to the next feather I do.

Colleen said...

Gorgeous design!!!

Mary Ann & Mother said...

Where did you find the design? Is it your own? I LOVE this!!!

Joan said...

Sue - thank you - its a fun feather ot do.
Coleen - thank you
Mary Ann - the design is my own - I drew it freehand on the fabric, but I dont always follow what I draw.... and thankyou.:)

What Comes Next? said...

beautiful! not only are you an exquisite quilter, you're a fabulous designer/drawer too!