Friday, May 6, 2011

Raewyn - days 10 and 11

I found an already basted quilt top in my cupboard so for Days10 and 11 I have been working on this. It's a simple jelly roll design with 6 'blocks' which suits me well.
I decided to 'stencil' in the centre of the blocks ---

Day 10  - oops need more practise following lines!

---and have stippled in a strip around each block.

Its really interesting quilting a a big quilt compared to the little sandwiches; all that weight and bulk threw me for a bit (I have walking foot quilted before but I had forgotten about it!) but I am getting the hang of it and am enjoying not having to turn the whole quilt around for the corners!!
I am using a variegated thread which I decided was good for such a multi-coloured quilt.

It's been really neat looking at all the quilting everyone has done, and seeing the Day 14 results.
Have a great weekend everyone, I hope you manage to squeeze some quality quilting time in!

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