Sunday, May 8, 2011

Corina - Days 4 thru 10

Well I'm finally up and running with the new computer, after mine decided to misbehave yet again! Last weekend I made some needle cases for a swap that I free motion quilted on but i couldn't post until I was reasonably sure my partners received them (there's more about them on my blog).

Monday another needle case. not crazy about how the dots looks with the quilting
Tuesday was feather practice. Flowed a bit better.
The table topper above was given to me as a piece to practice on. It was already bound so I had a bit of an issue transferring markings. I decided to go with sewing through paper (I buy rolls of medical exam paper. it's cheap and very thin). I still have to remove some of the bits. I've only spent a bit of time each day on it. I had tension issues and I had a hard time following the pattern. I wasn't getting into a groove with the rhythm. I couldn't seem to work out where to start and stop on the corner patterns, so there are some spots with quite a few passes of the needle.
Today I finished it. Forgot to take a picture of the front (tomorrow's post)!
It wasn't a super productive week, but I did learn a few things. It's going to take awhile to know which designs look good where, how much to quilt a piece, etc. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!


JayTee said...

Your quilting is beautiful.

Linda said...

Great feathers!

Joan said...

Your quilting is beautiful - you must be pleased with should be :)

Sue Daurio said...

Oh that is beautiful!! I've used white tissue paper for marking and sewing through and had good results. It's cheap and washes out wonderfully