Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 13 and 14

On the final two days, I practiced on Kids For Quilts quilts. The first is the fabric they sent me. I did free motion all over. I got curves and stars in!!! It was also the first time that I have zigzagged a binding. In the instructions, it said to quilt heavily for heavy use. I thought the machine sewing would be studier than hand stitches.

 Quilts For Kids ask if you will send a second quilt also. It was made from a book panel that a friend gave me. She didn't remember how long she had had it...I had never seen it before....but is is so colorful and cute.  I did the pantograph on it. Not all curves and loops are smooth and I still have some problems when the machine bumps the side tensioner clamps. 

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Mary Ann & Mother said...

Congratulations - well done! It is such an inspirational idea for all of us to consider donating quilts to children's charity. Thank you for the fantastic idea!